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At the same time, it also brings several inconvenient problems like the retransmission rate is high, which is a little better than the bilateral tools such as Finalspeed, bug it is still much higher than the simple use of Shadowsocks. In addition, as a bilateral acceleration tool on Android, Kcptun is still easy to install on the client, but there are some obstacles on Linux and Windows.

It is often not working properly after the lock screen or the network is reconnected. It is a new TCP congestion control algorithm provided by Google. It can efficiently detect the bandwidth and run full and is incorporated into the 4. Therefore, the KVM architecture upgrades the kernel to 4. Use the following command to check if it is open.

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Install any version of Shadowsocks, it is recommended to Docker. The configuration can be used personally now.


If you want to divide the traffic among people, you need to configure multiple users. There are a variety of options, such as running an SS Container and then configuring it as a multi-user, mapping multiple ports out, and then running multiple accelerated containers. Because I only need four or five users and M of memory at the same time, so the direct SS Container and the accelerated Container each run four.

After measured Youtube 4K video which played at the same speed as KCP, the difference is that its speed is slowly rising, and it is higher than KCP to the highest speed. In general, when it is required to have a high instantaneous speed and is insensitive to high bandwidth consumption, it is more advantageous to use KCPtun. In other scenarios, it is very good to use BBR to accelerate. Linux Kernel Library for speed up. Home Archive Tags About. Multi-user configuration There are a variety of options, such as running an SS Container and then configuring it as a multi-user, mapping multiple ports out, and then running multiple accelerated containers.

Effect After measured Youtube 4K video which played at the same speed as KCP, the difference is that its speed is slowly rising, and it is higher than KCP to the highest speed.

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Contents 1. Introduction 2. Step 2. Preparation 2.Taking its name from the autumn mists, or nebbie, which roll amongst the hills of the Langhe when this late-ripening variety is picked, Nebbiolo produces wines of serious structure. Its distinctive combination of high tannin and high acidity can make wines severe in their youth, but enables them to age beautifully. Unusually, despite their full body and sometimes fearsome structure, the wines are deceptively pale in colour leading some blind tasters to mistake it for Pinot Noirwith a brick-red tinge that makes them often look older than they really are.

The wines typically offer a profile of red-berried fruit, with notes of dried herbs and flowers, and, with age, savoury, leathery and earthy aromas. It is in the Langhe, in the heart of Piedmontthat the most famous examples of Nebbiolo are made — in Barolo and Barbaresco. While it can be difficult to tell the wines apart — and inevitably there are exceptions to every rule, the two regions do, generally, produce slightly different styles of wine.

Baroloto the south of Alba, has historically been seen as the more prestigious of the two regions. Stretching over almost 1, hectares, the wines here legally spent minimum 38 months maturing after fermentation, with at least 18 of those in wooden barrels.

Barbarescomeanwhile, only really came to fame in the s, when producers like Gaja and Giacosa proved that it could make wines to rival those of its neighbour. Northeast of the town of Alba, the smaller region today around hectares is warmer and drier, the Nebbiolo grapes ripening earlier than in Barolo. Barbaresco legally has to spend less time maturing before it can be released for sale — with a minimum 26 months prior to release, nine of which have to be in barrel just shy of a year less than Barolo.

kcptun bbr

It is for this reason that the wines are offered sooner than those from Barolo for example, we are currently offering the Barolo and Barbaresco vintages. Explore the latest releases from Piedmontor browse our full range of Nebbiolo.


Share this post. From its small, remote heartland of Galicia in northwest Spainthe crisp, saline yet textured wines of this variety have gained fans across the world. Vines are, even today, trained on pergolas, traditional trellises raised high above the ground in a style not dissimilar to a rose arbour to reduce the risk of rot from the high level of humidity, as moisture evaporates from the ground after the rain. Here the wines tend to be greener and leaner in style. Beyond the Iberian Peninsula, this grape is rarely seen — although producers are experimenting with it elsewhere, including the USAustraliaNew Zealand and Uruguay.

Although, as ever, there are some fantastic exceptions that are barrel-fermented, The best wines have notes of florals, peach, apple and citrus fruit, with a trademark saline, mineral note. Shellfish or white fish works best.Here are interns in our office. You may like […].

Nowadays, privacy does not hold much value when it comes to the privacy of our data on our digital devices or on the internet. In the past few weeks, we learned that everyone who tries to maintain privacy on the net is under suspicion which is all the more reason to try to keep our […].

HTTPS enables privacy and integrity by default. It is going to be next big thing. Ultimately, the goal of the internet community is to establish […]. I want a Linux system without having to pay a Microsoft tax. The hardest part of using Linux is to find out the correct hardware. Hardware compatibility and drivers can be a big issue. But where one can find Linux desktops or Laptop for sale?

Here are fifteen places to buy a preinstalled Linux Desktop […]. Linux, FreeBSD, and Unix-like systems are multi-user and need some way of authenticating individual users. Back in the old days, this was done in different ways. You need to change each Unix application to use different authentication scheme. Also, authentication schemes differed between a variant of Unix systems. Porting was a nightmare.

For example to […]. Interns are working hard to fix computer problems on National Cat Day September 25Tags : computerhardinternsnationalproblemsworking Comment : 0. August 23Tags : everythinghttps Comment : 0. Copyright YaoYuan. Feetbig 4W.

GS 4W.The following content records the problem-solving process in the past few days. There are three rounds. The difficulty is not high and it is very interesting. In the previous article, I mentioned that when doing fuzzy matching, Levenshtein distance was selected as the reference value. At the time, I directly used the Python library to implement it, which did not run fast in actual use. In recent days, I have stayed at home and took the time to write several implementations of Levenshtein Distance in Kotlin.

Read More. Yesterday in the gap between Debug time, the product manager proposed an idea, hoping to perform fuzzy matching of text between two Excel files to convert a many-to-many relationship into a one-to-many result.

kcptun bbr

Usually, when we are remotely processing some work, we need to connect to the VPN. Generally, we use the same physical size on different devices. Such a solution does not completely restore the design draft, and the situation of individual adaptation will appear more frequently as the size of the project increases. As a lightweight application, the size is maintained at around 13MB because of the different architectures of the library.

One day, we received feedback from the operator that a GIF banner could not be played on the website, and it was normal on the APP side. The operator indicated that the last configuration of GIF banner was normal, and gave the picture links of the two configurations. Recently, we have made some cross-platform migration attempts, from pure RN architecture applications to general cross-platform applications.

The migration process involves cross-platform technologies such as React Native and Flutter, and also encountered many problems.


This article briefly records some of them and hoping to bring a little help to the reader. Home Archive Tags About. Record of JetBrains Question Round 3 Record of JetBrains Question Round 2 The second round of challenges began the day after the first challenge. Record of JetBrains Question Round 1 Code Implementation of Levenshtein Distance A Practice of Screen Adaptation The First Experience of App Bundle Powered by Hexo.

Theme by Cho.This guide includes installation of the bbr add-on for increased speed on high latency networks and how to use the clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Creating your own Shadowsocks proxy server can offer good speeds in China, but it lacks some important features compared to using a VPN in China. If you want to combine the fast speed of a Shadowsocks proxy and the full privacy of a VPN, the best solution to tunnel a VPN connection over your shadowsocks proxy.

Latest Updates. Choose a VPS Provider. Choose the Best Server Location. Install ShadowsocksR. The 2 Shadowsocks providers that I strongly recommend as an alternative to making your own server are both having very good Black Friday sales right now.

This is also a great server, even though the speed is capped at 30Mbps. Very high stability and low packet loss. This is my personal favorite Shadowsocks server to use.

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This server is very fast, and you can watch USA Netflix with it. Surfshark supports Netflix in at least 10 different regions, and the regions that are not supported such as Taiwan get USA Netflix. Surfshark can be a little difficult to set up as you need to manually find the good IP addresses for Shadowsocks connections. But I wrote an easy guide here to help you do it.

Get the Surfshark Black Friday deal. You just won't get the additional 3 months free. The Surfshark manual Shadowsocks connections for the Taiwan and Japan servers are still working great. The results are very impressive! Surfshark Taiwan Shadowsocks. Surfshark Japan Shadowsocks. But I can still come very close to saturating my Mbps line.

Shadowsocks servers were getting blocked more easily recently during the Cyber Security Conference in late September and the National Week holiday during the beginning of October. During this time, WannaFlix developed a new protocol called Eclipse when all of their Shadowsocks servers were blocked. The Eclipse protocol cannot be blocked by the Great Firewall, so it can always be used as a backup. Things seem to be back to normal now. WannaFlix Shadowsocks servers are back online and working quite well.

They recently added support for manual Shadowsocks connections. The Shadowsocks setup is a little bit difficult because you need to find the specific server IPs to enter. The Taiwan and Japan servers are working very well right now. If you are making your own server on Vultr and find that you can't get an un-blocked IP address in the US, try some European locations. Those ones don't get blocked as easily. The ShadowsocksR Windows app was recently updated.Tags Symeon Chen Mean Reversion.

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Home Archive Tags About. Install Zsh on the Raspberry Pi. Android A Practice of Screen Adaptation. How to Use Printer by Android Programmable. The First Experience of App Bundle. Analysis and solution of online Finalize timeout problem. Python Build a crawler agent pool.


Gadget development for mouse coordinates. Hide files in images using Python. Spider Trip of HeiBanKe.

Spider Build a crawler agent pool. Shadowsocks Configuring V2ray on a Mac. Use kcptun to speed up shadowsocks. V2ray Configuring V2ray on a Mac. CloudFlare Configure https for websites through CloudFlare. Java Four multiple array elements and problems on LeetCode. Monitor file changes with Java. LeetCode Four multiple array elements and problems on LeetCode.

kcptun bbr

Tkinter Gadget development for mouse coordinates. Zsh Install Zsh on the Raspberry Pi. Coding Pages Acceleration, deploying to Coding and Github at the same time. Record of JetBrains Question Round 2. Record of JetBrains Question Round 3. Code Implementation of Levenshtein Distance. Regex Trial Experience of Archer Crawler.

Kcptun Use kcptun to speed up shadowsocks. Powered by Hexo. Theme by Cho.Please install shadowsocks first to use this plugin. However it's a bit confusing in using at begin. Remember to connect kcptun server port instead of ss servee port. Then follow the same format as demostrated in plugin to input your kcptun server parameters. Awesome lucm on your net surfing. Katerina Verkhovtseva: It doesn't work. Feel so frustrating. While mac client does work I don't know why.

Awesome luck. Ben Wood: Still working in Android device 8. It's ok to fill in only the essential parameters like key, mode, crypt, etc, also create sure these parameters match the ones in your kcptun server 2. Change remote port to the one your kcptun server is listening to. Share you own hack tricks, advices and fixes. Write review for each tested game or app. Great mobility, fast server and no viruses. Each user like you can easily improve this page and make it more friendly for other visitors.

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